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The Dragon's Tailor

Down Payment for Custom Wizard School House Hoodie or T-shirt

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**This listing is for a made-to-order item, and is NOT ready to ship!**

Celebrate your wizard school House pride with a new hoodie or t-shirt! After you submit your order, we'll contact you within one business day for measurements and other design details.

Please note this is a down payment only! Hoodies and long-sleeve t-shirts will be invoiced for the remaining balance when they are ready to ship.

Hoodie prices:

  • Adult $100
  • Tween $90
  • Child $75

Long-sleeve tee prices:

  • Adult $60
  • Tween $47
  • Child $35

Short-sleeve t-shirts do not have an additional cost beyond the down payment.

Please allow a minimum of six (6) weeks from the time we finalize your order (measurements, garment type & style, etc) until your order is shipped.

Available designs:

  • Gryff (red/gold) grunge crest
  • Gryff (red/gold) wreath
  • Claw (blue/bronze) grunge crest
  • Claw (blue/silver) wreath
  • Puff (yellow/black) grunge crest
  • Puff (yellow/black) wreath
  • Sly (green/silver) grunge crest
  • Sly (green/silver) wreath
  • School grunge crest


The Dragon's Tailor does not own any of the artwork featured on these fabrics. These garments are not officially licensed products.