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Fun fact: In another life, I worked as a copy editor. I occasionally still do freelance editing work.

A few of those freelance projects have resulted in published books, which I'm very pleased to be able to share with you here!


My dear grandfather, Eugene G. Schulz, wrote a memoir of his experiences during WWII as a legacy for his family. He published it in 2012 after everyone he spoke to about it expressed interest in reading it themselves.

Many people who read his memoir came forward ("out of the woodwork" as Grandpa described it) with their own stories connected to his - a number of these folks are descendants of beloved fathers/grandfathers in his photos, residents from the villages the Allies liberated, even people who work to restore the windows of Cathedral de Notre Dame de Chartres (which was rescued from shelling by Grandpa's boss)!

Grandpa felt very strongly that the stories from his new connections should also be shared with the world, and so he wrote the collection of them in a new book, which I finished publishing after his death in 2022.

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