Hi! I’m Emily, and I’m the seamstress who started The Dragon’s Tailor. It’s a one-woman, home-based sewing and craft shop near Milwaukee, WI.


How It All Began

I started sewing because I had this cute pair of red pumps that I just could not find a dress to match! There was NOTHING in the right shade of red, in the right style, in the right fit. So I decided to make my own dress. I went fabric shopping, and with a little assistance from Mom and my sister I found a fabric & a pattern I liked and learned how to sew a dress.

Eventually I began branching out into other crafted & sewn projects, and started sewing more clothes. My friends found out I sewed and started asking me to make things for them. I'd secretly always wanted to make a living crafting things, and to be an entrepreneur, and so The Dragon's Tailor was born!


My "Why"

I've kept sewing because I got fed up with the impossibility of finding quality, off-the-rack clothes that fit and that come in flattering colors and styles in fabrics that I like - not just dresses to match my shoes! And I know I'm not the only one. (Jeans shopping is the WORST, amiright?)


Where to Find My Products

In addition to the shop page here on my website, you can find me at various craft shows and marketplaces (posted on my News page).

I'm also a vendor at Vista 59 Artisan Boutique & Gallery on West Vliet Street in Wauwatosa, WI.


About Me

When I’m not sewing or doing project research, I enjoy adventuring with family and friends, volunteering at my church, reading books, attending Steampunk conventions, and hanging out with my husband and pet beardie.